What is Doctorvascular.com?

www.doctorvascular.com is an online platform designed by health professionals to reply to your issues related to cardiovascular health.

With a simple language, physicians deal with practical aspects of daily management of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, tobacco use, obesity...

Besides, DOCTORVASCULAR.COM is an interactive website where you will be able to ask all your questions and to clarify all your doubts with the specialists in a personalized way. How to interpret lab results, to ask about the non-desired effects of a given medication or what to do if a disease is not well controlled, are some of the most usual questions in our website.

It is very important to emphasise that all information shown in DOCTORVASCULAR.COM is verified and updated and our specialist's answers combine a good judgement after years of experience with the scientific evidence confirmed in international studies and in recommendations from the main scientific societies (European Society of Cardiology, International Society of Hypertension, American Diabetes Association...).

Therefore, and in order to maintain the scientific rigour to the maximum and our independence when it comes to inform, DOCTORVASCULAR.COM does not receive any funding from any pharmaceutical company nor admits advertising from any of their products.

In one word, we would like DOCTORVASCULAR.COM to become an efficient tool for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which are the real pandemic of century XXI with over 17,5 million of deaths a year all over the world. Remember that, very often, arteriosclerosis is not symptomatic and, unfortunately, stroke or heart attack are the first sign of an advanced disease.

Fortunately, most of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, regular check-ups and a specific treatment for every case.

All www.doctorvascular.com staff is thankful for your interest and wishes you health and luck.

A. Hermida MD, PhD

Director Médico